Adaptive vs. Predictive Project Management

Prof. Raymond Levitt
The project management philosophy, methods and tools that comprise PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge were developed and formalized in the 1960s based on the requirements of, and experience in, the aerospace/defense, construction and pharmaceutical industries. For these industries at this time, the challenge was to plan and manage a relatively small number of very large, complex programs and projects in a business environment where technologies, markets and supply chains were all relatively mature and stable. In today’s world of rapidly changing hardware and software technologies, dynamically evolving markets and supply chains and global political turbulence, a new, much more agile approach to project management has evolved.

Essence of PM 1.0:

  1. Centralized Planning
  2. Decentralized Execution
  3. Top-Down Tracking and Control

PM 1.0 is disciplined, but not agile

Shared Awareness and Self-synchronization