Strategy in Action-Culture and Culture change

Culture and Culture Change

-Prof. Gideon Kunda

Organization has rational personalities. If Structure is aligned towards strategy, Culture is a force to handle if strategy is not getting accomplished. Culture is a resilient. Culture-“A learned body of tradition that governs what we think, feel, and do“ Variety of rules people identify even if it might not have a reason behind it. Values <-> Culture Culture-

  • Above surface (material/artifacts) culture
  • Under surface (rules underlying the artifacts)

Rules of Culture –  Espoused or Actual ; Abstract or Specific ; Conscious or UnConscious — Organization of Time and space

Types of Artifacts-Symbols;Rituals;Myth;Technology;Time;Space Identity-

Levers for change:

  • “You”: the symbolics of managerial action
  • Changing artifacts: space, technology
  • The reward system: what behavioral, cognitive and affective rules does it support
  • Managing careers: recruiting, hiring, promotion, creating & socializing managers

Expanding function into integrated function with staff support

Evolving into lateral integration.

Power and Culture
-Prof. Steve Barley

Differentiation in the company along following lines:

  • Function; Region; Product lines; Hierarchical; Gender; Political affiliation; Age; School

Timelines of perspectives is a cause of conflict. Question what are people hired to do?

Disagreement of Goals Vs Means

Approaches to explaining power- Psychological & Sociological

Network power- centrality in a a n/w; measure of betweeness; closeness; connected’ness; realize the power of the structure; Structural holes(information and innovation)


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