Structured In-Doc Table of Contents for standalone FM Book components

I’ve heard queries from several FrameMaker users regarding the requirement of having TOCs for documents that are part of a book. The need arises when users want to generate standalone output of individual chapters of a book. Basically the idea being the document is individually capable of having an output along with its own TOC and that it should not have any bearing or impact on the TOC of the entire book.

You can achieve what you intend to do much more efficiently by creating a standalone TOC of each individual chapter component and then importing it as text inset in the beginning of the document. That way every time you modify your document you would just need to update your standalone TOC and then update the text inset. Your links from output for individual chapter would remain intact.

I’ve tried preparing a book with chapters having an in-doc TOC as a sample. Download.
This might reduce effort as compared to the other way I’ve heard users achieve the same outcome, i.e. by creating cross references in the document to create the TOC effect.

Will be glad to know if anyone finds it useful.


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